Mirror: Hilfeaufruf – Japan in Crisis

Der japanische Hackerspace in Tokyo bittet um Hilfe.

Da deren Seite gerade überlastet ist, spiegeln wir Euch hier den Mitteilungstext.

To all the people on the good planet Earth, the crew of Tokyo
HackerSpace has a message that we would like to send to you:

By now, everyone knows of the crisis in northern Japan. It will still be
a few weeks before life is under control here. We are looking forward to
the day that the power plants are safe and the tremors have subsided.

Many of our members have been cooped up in our homes waiting out the
storm, but not laying idle.

The Japanese government is doing the best that they can to manage the
crisis and help people who have lost loved ones, homes, utilities and

Tokyo HackerSpace has already begun to lay plans for projects which we
feel can help the people of Japan, utilizing the best of our abilities
and resources.

Our first course of action has been to order up the required parts for
150 solar powered LED lanterns. We will be assembling them here and
shipping them up (or delivering by hand) to aid organizations. These
lanterns provide just enough light so that people can feel safe at night
without power, find their way in the dark, and maintain the sense of
community. They charge during the day via the sun, and will help to
light the way for 8 hours each night.

We also have on the way several geiger counters and geiger tubes, from
which we will be making community sensors, in order to help to keep the
public in harms way informed on a minute by minute and hour by hour
basis. While the initial exposure has been low, our concern is the long
term effects, food and water supply, and ground soil conditions over the
next several months.

Or longer term projects include solar cell phone charging stations, low
energy cooking equipment, internet, wifi, and laptop loans, and other
technical concerns.

We are calling upon Hacker Spaces all over the world, and friends of
Hacker Spaces, and friends of friends of Hacker Spaces, to help out.

Soon we will release a list of critical equipment and supplies which we
may have difficulty sourcing locally. If you have access to anything on
the list, please contact us to make shipping arrangements. If not,
please DO NOT ship us anything not on the list (In some cases, it may be
VERY specific). Items not on our list will only crowd our space and
waste your shipping money and time. If you have something specific or
unique you think we could use, feel free to send us an email and inquire.

In the meantime, we ask that anyone who can, please donate to only
reputable charities. Or, if you prefer, you may donate directly to us,
and we will utilize it for the above mentioned projects, or give the
money directly to Japanese aid organizations known to be doing good work
in the area.

You can donate via Paypal to theTHSstore@gmail.com

Good night and good luck.

Quelle: http://www.tokyohackerspace.org/en/japan-in-crisis